The Psychology of Healing


When the notion of the mind in its relationship to the body enters into the realm of healing, something very interesting starts to happen.  Although the connection between mind and body is either well-established, or under constant debate, new perspectives and new arguments seem to arise every day.  This would seem to suggest that the very terms of the argument itself are constantly undergoing revision and new discussions.  It would also seem that we are living in a time where it’s become something of an urgency to reconsider just what we mean when we talk about the body and the mind.… Read the rest

Global Thinking and Money

It has long been one of the big cultural taboos to talk about money in most social situations.  In somr parts of the country, and in particular areas of the world, this is more apparent than in others, but it seems to be the general rule that cultures with emphasis on proper decorum are less likely to speak of these kinds of things.  Because it belongs to issues related to class, and class is still one of the bigger unspoken prejudices today, it is considered better manners to keep quiet about anything concerning money.  This includes the costs of goods, salaries, and particular personal financial difficulties.… Read the rest

Binge Drinking and Types of Alcoholism

Sometimes the realization that you have a problem with alcohol or even prescription medications can come as a surprise. This is especially true for those who consider themselves to be strictly social drinkers or who have very little history with prescription medicines . And while this message isn’t intended to declare all social drinkers or medicine consumers to be addicts, it is important to remember the potential for becoming one. Typically for a social drinker, who may only drink once a week, it can be considered to be a concern or even a problem when more than three drinks are consumed in an evening.… Read the rest

The Uses of Nostalgia

There are finally some decent attempts to define the decade that began the 21st century. Calling those years the Noughties seems to be as good of an option as any other, because it gives it a word, while also acknowledging the relative empty feeling that so many people get from thinking about that time. It’s not that there was nothing that happened, because obviously there were some enormously significant events. Every decade, it seems, is difficult to define for at least five years after it’s ended, but the sooner a moniker sticks, the easier it is to talk about it.… Read the rest

Words and Subjects


Freud and Jung have been at the center of mainstream thought on contemporary psychology, and somewhere just behind them is Jacques Lacan.  There are many places in the world where the order of importance is reversed, with Lacan at the top, but it’s not necessarily the case in most parts of the English-speaking world.  It could very well be an issue of translation.  Not that the other two are difficult to translate, but there is a certain precision of the word with which it is harder to contend.  In part, this is due to the precise French language, versus its more flexible borderland language German, but it’s much more likely because of the content of his thought.  For Lacan, words really are the beginning and the end of it all.… Read the rest

The Right Math Practice for the Left or Right Brained Student

Eventually, high school students have to face a number of important tests that will challenge their memories and gauge the knowledge they’ve acquired over their many years in school. Even if the student has left school, he or she won’t escape the tests, if there’s a wish to pursue higher education.

At the very least a GRE will be required. From the GRE, to the SAT, to the Act, to the PSAT, or the LSAT, tests in English and Math will be in the students’ future. If you’ve ever heard the terms “right brain” or “left brain,” you may be familiar with the concept that most people are good in the use of language or math, but not both.… Read the rest

Inside the criminal mind: Factors that Influence Motive


Motive is often the most elusive of criminal investigations. Some crimes are so horrendous, it’s difficult for us to imagine what type of person could commit the act—let alone their motive. In many cases, justice lies with the motive. That is, prosecutors must show motive for an individual to commit acts. The jury must, in some way, be able to understand the unknowable—how someone could, and more importantly why, commit such terrible acts. Although motive is not a legal requirement for conviction, intent typically plays a role.


A motive for a crime is whatever causes the offender to move toward the certain offense.… Read the rest

Responsible Borrowing

There is a concept known as radical honesty that requires followers to always tell the whole truth as it happens. They aren’t allowed to tell white lies or lies of courtesy or omission. They have to be completely honest with themselves and those around them at all times. While there are obvious problems with this philosophy, it has some valid points. Most people, for example, could benefit from being more honest in their financial dealings, especially when it comes to borrowing money.

No one wants a repeat of the recent Great Recession.… Read the rest

IT Management is More than Computer Science

A generation ago the computer was just beginning to find its way into the business world. Today it is the single most important piece of office equipment for most jobs. In fact, owning a personal computer with internet access is all that is needed for many people to start their own consulting or home based business. As computer or information technology has grown in importance, the need for skilled managers to design and administer a company’s technology has grown.

In the beginning, computers were mysterious things and the techs who understood how they worked were likely to hide in server rooms working their magic and only interacted with the rest of the company when there was a problem.… Read the rest

Companies Learning Internet Marketing

Learning how to market a company using the internet is a key skill for modern businesses. They can no longer rely on old school forms of advertising, like billboards, print advertising and television and radio spots . While these tools can be effective in some industries, the vast majority of informed consumers has switched to doing their shopping research — and even much of their buying — online. This may mean actual websites, but it also includes advertising and discussions on social media sites and blogs as well as interacting with the web through smart phone apps and computer game consoles as well as the newest entry, internet capable televisions.… Read the rest